Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "Middle Tower" - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES)

"Middle Tower" from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1992)
Composer: Ryuji Sasai
Developer: Squaresoft

I mean sure, you probably read that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was released to US markets, and was even titled Final Fantasy USA because it was a dumbed down version of a Final Fantasy game because Americans SNES consumers want a simpler experience than the rest of the world was looking for.  And while it wasn't a great JRPG, it was a pretty fun game that had a really good soundtrack.  

I recall my first time playing through the game and it was this track, which happened early in the game that made me reconsider all of the negative preconceptions I had developed before this game even came out.  What I like about this track in particular, is the slightly militaristic introduction (although I cannot pinpoint why it strikes me in this way) which covers the first half of the song, followed by a faster paced section that only lasts for about 14 seconds.  You know what, I do not think I can accurately say why I like this song other than that I do.  Maybe it is just the nostalgia about having a positive feeling about this song the first time I heard it?

Either way, I really like this song (and really the majority of the soundtrack), which is why it is being share with you all today.  


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