Thursday, November 23, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "In the Town" - Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelations (NDS)

"In the Town" from Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelations on the Nintendo DS (2011)
Composer: Koichi Sugiyama
Album: No Official Soundtrack Release (That I Could Find for the DS Version)
Developer: Arte Piazza

You know, why not make November Dragon Quest music month here at Stage Select Start?  After reading Dr. Potts' article about Dragon Quest VIII, I recalled that I had put down DQVI some time ago and thought it deserved another shot, so that is what I have been playing for most of the month.

I decided to use "In the Town" because it intrigued me a bit.  Aside from your starting village, "In the Town" plays for every town that you go in, which is pretty standard when it comes to video games and specifically RPGs.  But what it is that I find interesting about this song, is that even when you visit the Dream World, the town theme is the same.  And even in the Real World (I've forgotten if it is referred to as anything else), there are rumors of the threat of Murdaw and his armies taking over the world.  It is a rather cheerful song, which is what I am getting at.  Koichi Sugiyama has written another song that just sounds like a small town or village theme, but you would not know that anything wrong is happening in the outside world.

I guess you could say that is my one and only criticism of this song, but again, it is a damn good town song.

Now as to the "Album" section above.  I could find no mention of this song on the Super Famicom 2009 soundtrack release, but the 2009 Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest VI: The Phantom World album does contain "In the Town" as part of a medley.  Surprisingly too was that there was  no soundtrack released for the 2011 DS release, but that seems to have been the case with the DS remakes until the Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS remake last year.  


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