Thursday, December 21, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "20th Century Blues" - BioShock (Nearly Everything)

"20th Century Blues" from BioShock on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
Composer: Noël Coward
Performed By:  Al Bowlly with Ray Noble And His Orchestra
Label: X5 Music Group

Like a lot of the music in the Fallout games, BioShock introduced me to a lot of early 40's and 50's music, some I had heard brief snipits of and others, like "20th Century Blues" ("Twentieth Century Blues" according to the original listing from the 1931 play Cavalcade) I had simply never heard before.

Now, I do not recall hearing this song during the game, as some of the songs are heard while making your way through Rapture, but I know this song cropped up frequently during loading screens during one of the chapters.  And until I downloaded the music from this album, I was really only familiar with the first 45 seconds or so.  And like a number of the other songs in BioShock, it seems pretty obvious from the lyrics that the song was not chosen at random or because it fit within the time period that the game takes place.  And depending on your general outlook on life, it could be appropriate for today too.

I kind of also wanted to find out more about the historical context of the song, but that is a bit beyond my drive right now.  So just enjoy it for what it is.


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