Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "Deadlight" - Deadlight (360, XBO, PC, PS4)

"Deadlight" from Deadlight on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS4 (2012)
Label: Tequila Works / Valve
Developer: Tequila Works

What I love about this song, as well as the game Deadlight, is that it perfectly complements Tequila Works' take on the lone survivor in the midst of a zombie-type apocalypse.  The music is not loud, grandiose or bombastic, partly because Deadlight is not about running and gunning your way though to an evacuation helicopter or to fist bump your partner after executing a sick-ass kill with a chainsaw strapped to the end of a hockey stick, although there are a number of instances of needing to shoot your way through a number of shadows, but that is far from the emphasis.

At about 0:39, a choir comes in that creates a sense of longing and hope, yet at the same time, loss and despair.  It was at about this time, from what I recall, that the character of Randall walks out along the dilapidated remains of a highway overpass, and I just had to stop and look around at the remains of the world as the music swept over me.

Something interesting that did not dawn on me until writing this article (as is often the case), is that the main theme is comprised of four notes, that are repeated yet developed during the entirety of the song, and then returns to the piano at the end playing those group of four notes.  I love it.


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