Wednesday, October 11, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "Mansion Room" - Uninvited (NES)

"Mansion Room" from Uninvited on the Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
Composer: Hiroyuki Masuno
Album: No Official Release

First off, a few points.

First, because there was no official release of a soundtrack for Uninvited, I have decided to stick with the community "Mansion Room" for the title of this song.  Secondly, from what I have read online, there was no soundtrack in 1986 Mac or the 1987 MSDOS versions of the game, before it was ported to the Famicom in 1989 and finally to the NES in 1991.

What better music to choose from a horror video game than one from a game that takes place in a haunted house!?  And despite this being a game that takes place in a haunted house, a lot of the music that Hiroyuki Masuno composed for the game (the same composer for Shadowgate on the NES as well) is rather upbeat.  Perhaps because this song also sounds so much like a lot of the music in Shadowgate is the reason that I am drawn to it, and honestly, I probably could not tell you that this was from Uninvited if you were to stick it in with the rest of the Shadowgate soundtrack.  And for that matter, I do not remember the last time I played Uninvited, which was probably back in the late 1990's.

So while this may not be the most haunting music to ever come out of a haunted house game on the NES, it is the most appropriate that I was drawn to from Uninvited.  And since the music changes frequently enough while wandering/searching between rooms in the mansion, it does serve its purpose pretty well in that vain.  Plus, it is a pretty damn catchy song.


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