Monday, October 2, 2017

Monthly Update: October 2017

Now that September is over, the rest of the year is going to fly by faster than the Super Nintendo Classic off of store shelves.  Or maybe not because it definitely seems that, while still a very hot commodity, at least Nintendo learned from the NES Classic fiasco and supplied retailers with a larger stock than last year.  Still not enough, especially for normal people who either have school-aged children or work early in the mornings.  But the word/rumor is that restocks are going to be happening throughout the rest of the year, so my advice would be to talk to store staff (Target, Best Buy, Gamestop,. . . and Shmall-Schmart too I guess), find out when shipments might be arriving and frequent those stores as opposed to looking online, which was my downfall with the NES Classic.  I also acknowledge my hypocritical approach since I'm not one to talk to store staff if I can help it.

In other gaming news, I am, against harsh judgement from a large cross-section of the Internet, excited for the Switch port of both Doom and Wolfenstein II from Bethesda and ID Software.  And even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim too.  Odin knows my laptop cannot handle high settings for Skyrim: Enhanced Edition, or even the lowest settings for Doom, and I would like to support 3rd party publishers on the Switch.

On the 3DS, I just finished Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which will most likely have its own Game EXP or Game Review article within the next week.  In short, I feel that I could now be a Fire Emblem fan for life, but only if we are talking about tactics games as opposed to the "Warriors" style of mass infantry combat games; I have not played one, but from what I have seen, they do not seem like my kind of jam.  I also finished Chicken Wiggle, which I have previously talked about.  I was also briefly wondering which 3DS game to start and then I remembered that I hadn't finished the DS port of Chrono Trigger, so it looks like I'm going back to save the world.  Again.

And speaking of great mid-90's JRPGs, I unintentionally started Final Fantasy III on the Super NES Classic over the weekend and have already put in just over six hours.  For those of you at home who want to know, I am building up Gau's skills on the Veldt after playing through Locke and Terra's stories.  Also contextually, Sabin does not yet have Fire Dance and I am 8 EXP away from 15, but you know, the Veldt.  Sigh.  But as for the 20 other games, I have dabbled a bit with each one except Earthbound and Secret of Mana as I think I can really only deal with one massive RPG at a time. . . except I am wandering through the city of Baldur's Gate in Baldur's Gate right now/still on the PC, so there is that.  And I guess I did restart Diablo II, and am still ocassionally playing The Elder Scrolls Online, Path of Exile, and I still have to finish The Shimmering Isles expansion in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. . .I don't have a problem, you have a problem!!

Dungeons & Dragons continues to elude our PNW contingent, although that is mainly my own fault of failing to organize the group, but as I already talked about this last month, I shan't continue further.

In the realm of movies, we saw The Dark Tower, and IT in September, but as for October, I cannot think of anything off the top of my mind that is coming out.  Whoops, I lied.  Blade Runner 2049 is coming out on Friday!  And I may have to see The Mountain Between Us alone as it involves a plane.  And I would still very much like to see Mother!, if only because I really enjoy Darren Aronofsky.  And The Snowman comes out in the end of the month and I do like me some Michael Fassbender.

Maybe because it is Monday, or the beginning of a new month, or some other brainial-bit that continues to elude me, but I feel like there was something else that was worth mentioning that I have failed to bring up.  Ah well, when it hits me, I will be sure to tuck it away and promptly forget about it for November's Monthly Update.

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