Monday, September 2, 2019

Monthly Update: September 2019

Happy September everyone!

I am not entirely sure what that all entangles, but what I can tell you is that out of all of the video games that were released in August 2019, I am currently playing only one of them.  No, that one game is not Astral Chain, but the Vasara Collection, which I received from Qubyte Games as part Indie Gamer Chick's #IndieSelects, so I will probably post an article about that experience tomorrow rather than the semi-regularly-scheduled Friday post.  I do want to play Astral Chain, but I just started Fire Emblem: Three Houses earlier last week after completing Octopath TravelerAnd by finished I meant that I completed all eight of the main stories although I am aware of a final dungeon and boss run that requires completion of seemingly random side quests in order to access that.  I will probably talk about Octopath Traveler later this month as well as this semi-well hidden access to a final dungeon.

For current September releases, I would like to pick up The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening remake, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition, and Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, all on Nintendo Switch, but I do have a backlog of games (specifically on the Switch, to say nothing about the hoarding issue on Steam) that I do want to play through.  Then there is the issue that buying games actually requires you to pay money, which I do not have a problem with if we were to have a surplus of it in our checking/savings accounts; This comment does not support stealing or pirating video games.  PLUS the other games coming out Q4 that I also want to play: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Complete Edition, Doom Eternal, and Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (mainly so that I can finish the expansions, of which I only have the first two but only beat Shadows of Undrentide).  I mean sure I would like to play Borderlands 3, Blair Witch, and The Outer Worlds but my computer has not been up to the task of running currently released games since 2013; thankfully though The Outer Worlds will also be getting a Switch release sometime in 2020.

Oh!  I also started Last Day of June in early August, courtesy of the Epic Game Store is one of the free games that they have given away, this time through publisher 505 Games.  I think after finishing What Remains of Edith Finch I wanted something, not action-oriented as I currently have Fortnite scratching that itch once a day.  That being said, I have not found a whole lot of time to play Last Day of June, or really use my computer at home much over the last month.  I think it just boils down to having my evening's post-work filled up with other non-computer related activities.

Conklederp and I have also delved a bit into foreign mystery/horror shows on Netflix.  These appear to be single-season stories that are a lot easier to digest, both mentally and in practice.  I may talk about these shows (The Chalet, Typewriter, and more to come) in a later article, but I find that deconstructing shows can be cumbersome.  I like to cover my bases, what I liked about the show, what I did not like, and I find that those kinds of articles take longer to research and write than my typical Game EXP or MIDI Week Singles article.  So those may or may not get written.  Schrödinger's Article if you will.

Lastly, and jumping back to the Switch for a moment, I have (finally?) encountered semi-significant Joy-Con drift on the right grey Joy-Con.  I feel fortunate that this has not been an issue in the two years since we bought the Switch, and doubly fortunate that it happened at a time that Nintendo is offering to fix Joy-Con drift issues for free.  So I have submitted my ticket to Nintendo and hopefully I hear back, but in the meantime, I have swapped out for the neon red/blue Joy-Cons, so again, I feel fortunate that we have a back-up pair if the grey ones end up being sent in for repairs.

So let us leave it there for September.  Plenty of article ideas as well as plenty of time to procrastinate and actually not write them at all.  We'll see.

And I'll Carry On

P.S.  And if you happened to be at PAX this last weekend, hopefully y'all had a great time and I am looking forward to reading/finding out about the happenings.

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