Wednesday, October 9, 2019

MIDI Week Singles: "Main Theme - Transcending Time" - 3rd Super Robot Wars (SFC/SNES)

"Main Theme - Transcending Time" from 3rd Super Robot Wars on the Super Family Computer (1993)
Composer: Shinichi Tanaka
Label: Kitty Records*
Publisher: Banpresto
Developer: Banpresto

I am not familiar with Shinichi Tanaka's music, mostly because it looks like all that he has composed music for game-wise is the Super Robot Wars series which looks like they have primarily received Japan-only releases.  I am also not a big mech person despite having grown up with Thundercats and Voltron.  That being said, if you had told me that this music was a cut track from one of the Mega Man X games, I would have believed you.

"Transcending Time" is just pure melody, pure energy, pure fun, just everything that you want out of a main theme.  That is really it.  This song is catchy and I immediately loved it upon first hearing it while starting my #AllTheSNESMusic journey after having finished listening to #AllTheNESMusic.

*I asterisked this because there apparently was no official soundtrack released for 3rd Super Robot War, but there was a soundtrack released for the fourth game in the series, which was also released on the Super Famicom and from what I can tell, is the same arrangement of the song.

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