Monday, January 29, 2018

At a 3DS Intersection

This is going to be another semi-short post so there is a likely chance that this will ramble on for another 505 words.

I would say, for the last month or so, the B button on my 3DS has been acting a little wonky.  The button itself looks fine, there are no cracks or visual signs of misuse.  The problem is that unless I press the button pretty hard, there will be no response in-game.

When playing Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, this is not too much of an annoyance as the B button is mainly used to exit out of conversations, to exit out of transactions with merchants, to cancel/back out of actions during combat, and to talk to other members in your party while out walking around.  In games like Mega Man V however, that is the button you use to shoot your arm cannon.  Kind of an important one there.

After doing a bit of research, I have found that I really have three options.
  1. Attempt to find out what is wrong with the B button by delving into the hardware and potentially risk permanently damaging my 3DS while in the process of fixing it.
  2. Buy a Nintendo New 3DS XL.
  3. Buy a Nintendo New 2DS XL.
I did look into seeing about official repair options from Nintendo, but they no longer service original 3DS units, so attempting to fix the unit myself is an option.  I feel somewhat okay attempting this as I have some experience replacing computer bits, but I am still afraid of permanently damaging the system, which is currently frustrating to play, and limited to the types of games that I can currently play.  So if/when I do follow this attempt, to find if anything has been lodged between the B button and the silicon cover, or something to do with the contacts, I will obviously back up my system information to an SD card in the off chance that I end up bricking the system.

There is also the question, do I actually need to replace the 3DS?  Could I get by without it as I have been for the last couple of weeks?  I mean I could and I kind of have been, but somewhat begrudgingly.  I still have a number of 3DS (physical and digital) and even DS games that I have that I have not played for one reason or another (Steam, and time).  And does it have to be the 3DS or can it be the non 3D 2DS?  While I do not always use the 3D to its fullest extent, I do frequently use it on games where I feel it either enhances the game or it's just damn pretty to play with it on but does not add anything to the game; usually during boss fights in non-RPG games I will turn it down or off as I sometimes find it too distracting when it goes out of focus.

So this is where I am at.  To repair, buy, or not.  And I am heavily leaning towards repairing and then buying if that road goes too far south.


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