Wednesday, February 28, 2018

MIDI Week Singles: "Town" - Torchlight (PC)

"Town" from Torchlight on the PC, OSX, Xbox 360, & Linux (2009)
Composer: Matt Uelmen
Album: Torchlight Original Soundtrack
Label: Humble Bundle
Developer: Runic Games

If you're listening to this and thinking that we have already covered "Town" from Torchlight by Matt Uelmen, that should not be too surprising.  What was kind of surprising though was that it was not until I put this article together than I realized that the theme heard at [0:00] is nearly identical to phrase heard in "Wilderness" from Diablo II, of which part is based off of the theme heard in the town of Tristram in the first Diablo.

I could see the argument that using this theme in Torchlight is a bit of a hack and just plagiarizing his own work.  And while it is true that this music probably would not be out of place in a Diablo game, there is something about it that would not quite fit as well in that world.  Maybe the song is lacking a sense of foreboding?  I can't quite put a finger on it, but it just seems lighter than either "Wilderness" or the theme from Tristram.

Anyway you look at it, I still really like this song, hence its inclusion as a MIDI Week Single.

I Chalk It Up To Being Hopefull

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