Friday, March 23, 2018

Let me tell you about some podcasts

80s All Over
Scott Weinberg and Drew McWeeny

My current podcast obsession.  Scott Weinberg and Drew McWeeny are two film critics going month-by-month covering every movie released in the decade of the 80s.  They were each about 7 - 10 years old when the decade began, so they remember these films as they were released.  If the premise is appealing at all, then I highly recommend this podcast.  It is well paced and edited.  There are plenty of digressions, but they are kept under control.  Drew and Scott are very enthusiastic film lovers, and it is evident in every episode.  Listening to this podcast reminds me why I fell in love with film, and by reviewing movies from my first decade of life, it brings me in touch with the earliest films I can remember.  It's not simply nostalgia, but an appreciate for the craft.  I now have a list of 10+ movies from 1980-1983 I'd like to see again or from the first time.  Aw, what the hell, I'll show you:

  • King of Hearts
  • Stalker
  • Used Cars
  • Airplane (somehow never saw it)
  • Blue Brothers (same)
  • My Bodyguard
  • American Pop
  • 9 to 5 (watched this one last weekend)
  • Modern Romance
  • Dead and Buried
  • Miller's Crossing
  • True Romance 
  • Pennies from Heaven
  • Road Warrior
  • Chan is Missing

Switchblade Sisters
April Wolfe

Switchblade Sisters is another movie podcast, in the form of an interview show.  April Wolfe is a film critic who sits down each week with a different Woman in Film.  Actresses, Directors, Writers, etc.  They talk about the guests career, film in general, and then one specific film of the guests choice.  Previous episodes include Pan's Labyrinth, The Others, Body Double, The Witch Who Came from the Sea and more.  There is a lot of discussion of the craft of movies, which I find very interesting.  Many of the guests are involved with independent film, and I've found many titles I'm interested in seeing (though I haven't made a list for these ones)

Movie Crush
Chuck Bryant

Movie Crush is another interview show, featuring Chuck Bryant, from another of my favorite podcasts: Stuff You Should Know.  Chuck mostly interviews actors and comedians and personal friends about their favorite movies.  It's a rambling sort of interview show, but it works.  Having a central topic is helpful, I think.  And it's fun to nerd out about movies like Tron, Jaws, Robocop, Groundhog Day, etc. 


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