Wednesday, March 14, 2018

MIDI Week Singles: "Maverick" - Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord (PC)

"Maverick" from Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord on the PC and Nintendo Switch (2013)
Composer: Jeff Ball
Label: Bandcamp
Developer: StarQuail Games

For reasons that will hopefully become clear in the coming days/weeks, I decided again to use Mr. Ball's music from Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord for our weekly music article.  I had considered something from either The Lost Vikings or Völgarr: The Viking (which will have to be rectified), but nearly any song from Tiny Barbarian DX is pretty amazing.

What I love about "Maverick" specifically is that it is the first song in the game and soundtrack after the opening titles and right off the bat (or sword I guess), is that after a short seven second intro, the melody kicks in and is pretty much there for the remainder of the song.  What I like, and I may have already mentioned it three years ago, is that "Maverick" invokes the feeling of an 8 - 16bit action game, but doesn't sound exactly like it was composed 20 years earlier.   I cannot quite pinpoint what it is, maybe it's the program used or the specific tones.  Regardless, it's just a great song if you've got a damsel or damoiseau in distress somewhere and, apparently, an overly aggressive Serpent Lord that is standing in the way.  

Maybe there's a metaphor there?


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