Thursday, July 9, 2020

MIDI Week Singles: "Into the Water" - Old Man's Journey (NS)

"Into the Water" from Old Man's Journey on the PC, iOS, Mac, Android (2016), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (2018), & Xbox One (2019)
Composer: scntfc
Label: ScienceLab
Publisher: Broken Rules
Developer: Broken Rules

I played and finished Old Man's Journey last week, although I ended up listening to the soundtrack the day after I started and finished the first area and quickly fell in love with "Into the Water."  This song accompanies the second stage in the game, when the Old Man journies away from the hotel, through the countryside, falls down no fewer than four waterfalls, then watches as an old boat is pulled out of the water.  That is pretty much the entire level, which could be played during the entirety of the song without it repeating.  Then the last section of the song (~3:26) is the music that plays during the end of the level flashback, which then returns to the normal song when the memory is over.

Another thing I love about this song is the instrumentation.  That it could be a couple people sitting around a table or in a living room, just jamming on their respective instruments.  Maybe reminiscing about the old times?  Then the audio quality at the end of the song during the memory section, sounding like it is being played from a slightly warped and scratched record, maybe recently discovered stashed in the back of a cabinet for the last 30 years and newly discovered is a really nice touch.

That's really all I have on this song.  It's fun and a nice contrast to the environmental puzzles in Old Man's Journey becoming ever so slightly more difficult as you progress through the game (and panic as the Old Man falls down yet another waterfall and you wonder how he has not yet broken a hip).

~JWfW/JDub/Cooking Crack/Jaconian

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