Friday, May 3, 2019

Monthly Update: May 2019

First off, April did not see participation in the short lived #DiscoverIndies for reasons that were mentioned by Indie Gamer Chick in her slight frustration in the overall lack of participation, or using games that may not have been as under the radar as originally intended.  So #DiscoverIndies is not dead-dead, so I guess you could say it is in a coma?  But #IndieSelect is still alive and kicking while I was only able to participate in two games this month, SpellKeeper and Daggerhood.  One game was a relaxing casual puzzle game while the other seemed to kick me in the pineal glad with a lava tipped steel toed boot.  I will let you guess on those two as I move on.

I did receive a review copy of Rollin' Eggz by Square Heads Games which I talked about on Tuesday and approached that game like I have previous #IndieSelect titles.  Something that I have definitely taken away from not only the #IndieSelect titles, but writing more Game EXP articles, is that I am not afraid to say that I do not like a game for reasons X, Y, and Z.  I would like to think that my criticisms have come across as "helpful" as opposed to simply saying that I do not like something, even when I receive a review code for a game from the publisher.  Maybe last year at this same time I might have sugar coated a review because I felt somewhat indebted to the giver of the code, but if Grim Talin's response to my post on Tuesday is any indication, being honest is 100% more helpful that beating around the proverbial shrubbery.  Or maybe it is just in my head?

More on the Switch front, aside from the three aforementioned games, most of my time has been spent (again) with Darkest Dungeon, Fortnite, and now joining the fray is the Toy-Con 04 VR Kit edition of the Nintendo Labo.  I have a couple of articles up looking at what I thought of the VR concept as well as my first impressions putting together the main VR goggles.  After those articles, I have put together a couple of the other pieces that come with the main kit [the camera, snorkle, (nearly useless at the moment) Switch frame, the bird, the wind paddle, and the pin wheel] and Conklederp and I have been having fun with those, despite their targeted age range being decades below our own years.

I have also been playing Color Zen, and BOX align, both of which I definitely plan on writing about.  They are both puzzle games heavily oriented around the use of color, but using color in different and interesting ways that I have not come across before.  And both are games that will make me feel like an idiot when I am unable to solve a puzzle and end up staring at the screen for five minutes without doing anything.  I also managed to download the demo for Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun!, but I had to use my Australian account as the demo is not available in North America.  I would like to play it beyond the two demo songs, but $49.99 still seems a bit steep.  And I am definitely not ready yet to plunk down $155 on the bundle which comes with the physical release of the game and the physical drum, or even the stand alone drum for $39-$85, depending on the company who makes the drum.

Oh, and Conklederp and I saw Avengers: End Game on Tuesday, being the last day of April, but I will probably write about it in a week or two, after it has been out a while and I do not run amuck of people who want to avoid spoilers.

And now that we are in May, I just want to warn y'all, that the frequency of articles may drop off a bit as we are now heading into peak wedding/birthday season.  And do not even get me started on June, you will just have to wait another month before finding out about all of that.

Until next week then.

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