Friday, August 9, 2019

Resurrecting Demo Time?

Back in May, 2013, I had considered starting a column where I played and rated demos that came out, primarily demos that were released for Nintendo's 3DS system, although I had also downloaded a few demos from Steam as well.  I even wrote one article under the Demo Time header back in March 2013 for the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate demo on the 3DS.  My plan was to name the series "Demo Time" as it was the only thing I could think of that captured what I wanted to do.

So nearly six years later, I think I might up and resurrect this as I have been playing a number of demos on the Switch.  Titles like Pokk√©n Tournament DX, Mario Tennis Aces, Trials Rising, and recently  Hob: The Definitive Edition and Ape OutIn a world where renting video games as a way of testing them to decide if it is a game that you would want to plunk $60 down on is not a world we live in as much any more, being able to play a demo of a game is all the more important.  I do know that Redbox carries a selection of games to play, but those are only for physically released games whereas digital games do not have that luxury.

So Demo Time might make a comeback, if only because I spent some time this last weekend with Ape Out and had a really good time playing this well received indie game.  And I want to talk about the game, but presently I am not in the position to buy every game I play a demo for.  And as I had mentioned back when I was considering Demo Time as a regular series, is that I actually do love the idea of playing games that are so far outside my wheelhouse of games that I would normally buy.  Titles like Puzzle Puppers, Uno® for Nintendo Switch, or Word Wheel by POWGI.  

Presently, I do not know how frequently I would post about playing demos, and I almost think that my/our Twitter account might be a better source for that.  OR, and bare with me as I figure this out in real time, that I will post pictures and videos (when applicable) on the Twitter account that I have our Switch hooked up to, but I will only post a couple of times a month if I play a game that either has an amazing demo that has convinced me that buying the game is inevitable.  Or maybe it is a horrible demo that does nothing to entice me to pick the game up.  Or maybe it is actually a well made and presented demo of the game, but I still feel that I would not want to spend real money on it because I got all that I would want after playing for 30ish minutes.

And you know what, to kick off this Demo Time (unless I come up with a better name later??), I think I am going to download and play Puzzle Puppers, Uno® for Nintendo Switch, and Word Wheel by POWGI.  If only because I just publically declared that I would not normally buy/play either of these games as I do not feel that I am the target audience.  

Okay.  It's settled then.  See y'all Monday.

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