Wednesday, March 15, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "River of Life" - The Witcher (PC)

"River of Life" from The Witcher on PC, Mac (2007)
Composer: Paweł Błaszczak
Developer: CD Projekt Red

Since I am in the thick of playing The Witcher (the first game in the series), I felt like sharing a bit of this fantastic soundtrack by Polish composers Paweł Błaszczak and Adam Skorupa.

The first time I recall hearing this music in-game was outside the walled city of Vizima, in Chapter 2 of the game.  I had managed to scrounge up enough money in order to bribe the guards in order to leave the quarantined city so that I could make my way to the swamp for one quest or another.  After being somewhat stuck in the crowded slum-ish part of the city (after having been thrown in jail, then trudging through sewers to kill a cockatrice in order to secure my freedom), the openness of Vizima's dike was most welcome.  Then to have this beautiful music accompany me in this small area was very much  relief.

I love the melody, first played on the violin/fiddle which is then taken up by a bagpipe type instrument (sounds like a subtle bagpipe chanter, but without the drones anyway).  Then the vocals come in around 1:38 and add an ethereal quality that only adds to the refreshing feeling of being outside of a crowded city.  I guess you could say this song is how my brain feels any time Conklederp and I leave the city and go to the forests in the surrounding area to go hiking.


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