Thursday, March 2, 2017

Monthly Update: Smarch

(I'm pretty sure I've used this Smarch joke before.)

Lousy Smarch Weather.  Actually, this last month has featured more rain than I can remember in my adult life.  I compared it to last year, where the high was .40 inches in a day.  That was the norm this year.  The high was like 2 inches.  Granted, last year was the fourth drought year in a row, which enhances the difference.  Now on to the March Forecast. (for games!)

The Nintendo Switch comes out in a few days, and along with it, Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  This game looks awesome, and the preliminary reviews say as much.  Like, seriously, this looks like the Zelda game we've all been wishing for since Ocarina of Time came out.  Open world, packed with things to find, areas to explore.  People often draw comparisons to recent open world titles like Skyrim, which I'm sure are apt, but I also want to stress that this hearkens back to the very first Zelda game, a classic that is still fun to play today.  Sometimes returning to your roots can be a good thing.  I am super-pumped for this title, but I also don't think I'm going to buy it anytime soon, so I'm also trying to be cautious and not look up too much info.  But it will appear in a flood soon, and I'll have trouble resisting.

Why am I not buying Zelda, anyway?  A variety of reasons.  I'm not financially ready to plunk down $300+ for a Nintendo Switch.  But there is a Wii U version, which should be about $60.   This is seriously tempting.  I'm sure there are some reasons it won't be as good, but I'm optimistic that the differences won't be huge, given the game was in development for a long time, and was moved to a Switch Launch title after the system was announced.  If the reviews say that the game is much better experienced on the Switch, then I will probably hold out until I'm ready to buy a switch.  I'm kind of hoping it will be, so I'll have an excuse to hold out.  Besides, I already came up with a plan to make it through the hype.

I can get Zelda; Windwaker HD for a mere $20 on the Wii U.  That price point is much more in my wheelhouse, and Windwaker is generally regarded as the last/best Zelda game on console.  I've been thinking I would do this as soon as I finished Final Fantasy IX, which I am very near doing.  I'd have liked to have gotten there before the Switch launch, but I don't see that happening.  Oh well.  I'll probably still go for it in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I'll finish up Final Fantasy IX and also get started on Castlevania, Lords of Shadow.  A game with a sweet soundtrack that I got for my birthday!  

Another thing coming out on March 3rd is the movie 'Logan.'  This is the third and final Wolverine movie, and I think it looks amazing.  Both trailers have been awesome, and so far the critical response has been great.  It looks to be a character-driven X-men movie, which is a nice break from the 23 character action extravaganzas of recent years.  All in all, I like the tone, the concept.  I am very excited to see that movie.  

Speaking of Movies, I'm also super-into seeing the new thriller/horror flick 'Get Out.'  This movie stands alone as a horror movie that is very much about the experience of a Black Man in a white neighborhood that is creepy!  This is such fertile ground for horror, it's a wonder it took this long for a movie like this to be released.  It's also gotten fantastic critical reception.  I am very excited for this one as well, as is Jane, who normally hates horror.  

Okay, I think I've gotten to the end of things I want to talk about today.  Better get back to my job. heh heh heh.


P.S.  check out this Breath of the Wild protoype done in the style of Zelda 1!  I kind of want to play this Zelda 1 version even more than the Switch version!

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