Monday, March 27, 2017

Pak Watch - Another round of Adventure games

The adventure game format seems to be thriving in the indie game community.   It may be just a great format to do narrative experimentation. It helps that the controls and interface are usually fairly simple, and game maker tools for Adventure games have been around a long time.  

Bit Byterz
Based on the work of Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite authors.  Kickstarted in 2015.  Story is of a woman who is gradually forgetting her own name.  I love surreality, and I love how murakami does it.  I am very interested in this game.  $15 on steam.  
I was originally shown this game from an article on Open Culture.

Kostas Skiftas

A dinosaur based adventure game, originally made for 2015 Adventure game jam. Short game, looks cute, what's not to love? Free to play.

Beard in the Mirror
Oh, a Rock! Studios

Beard in the mirror is a classic adventure game style game. It looks like a very silly game, celebrating the humor in early PC adventure games.

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  1. And hey, "Memoranda" is now on sale over on GOG until April 3rd, 2017: