Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MIDI Week Singles: "Village" - SimCity (SNES)

"Village" from SimCity on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
Composer: Soyo Oka
Album: No Official Album Release
Developer: Maxis / Nintendo EAD

So there I was, standing at our kitchen counter making coffee and I was hit by a calming wave of early '90s nostalgia.  I immediately recognized Soyo Oka's peaceful tune from the 1991 Super Nintendo port of SimCity, and I knew it was one of the early stages (as opposed to the frantic beats of "Metropolis" or "Megalopolis."  I couldn't tell which of the early stages this particular track was from, but I knew that it was either the first or second full on songs in the game after the "Title" track.

But "Village," when I heard it, is exactly what my brain needed this morning before I actually did anything more productive than making coffee.  Something unassuming with a bit of melody before having to put my brain into full on work mode in a few hours, thankfully not being in charge of a city, virtual or otherwise.


I also love the coincidence that both MIDI Week Singles these past two weeks have been village oriented.  Just thought I would mention that.

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