Sunday, July 2, 2017

Monthly Update

June was a busy month for me. With Birthdays and Fiscal Close at work.  Not to mention an unhealthy Magic Online obsession which drains my money and my time.  I've discovered that I tend to only have one or two hobbies active at a given time.  MTGO was my main, active hobby, so that whenever I had some downtime, I would go straight to it.  When I finished my last draft, and made the conscious decision to take  a break, I definitely felt a strange emptiness where MTGO once was.  But I got over it by finding  a new obsession - my long time hold for Stephen King's IT arrived at the library, and I have three weeks to read 1000 pages!  

Fortunately, I love this book!  I had been meaning to read it for a long time, but never got around to it.  But with the announcement of the new movie, I decided to go for it.  There were 47 holds on the library in front of me.   After a while I forgot about it, and then lo and behold, last week I got a notification from the library that they had a copy for me to  pick up.   I'm doing very well so far, just past the half way point.  

Funny thing about this book:  It's way more of an Americana story about boyhood in the late 50's than I realized.  It is a really slow burn, with the scares and creep factor coming in bits and pieces at the end of stories of the characters, their families, and the town of Derry.  It seems like the second half will be ramping up the horror a bit.  I guess it makes sense that it's a slow burn, the book is over a thousand pages long!  That can't all be horror.  

Anyway, I'm enjoying the book thoroughly, and glad I picked it up.  Great way to come down after all that damned Magic Online.  One last thing I'll say is that I found a crossover with The Shining, another book by Stephen King, and I'm pretty pleased with myself for catching it.  

In other news, I'm playing an old game called 'Pixel Junk Monsters' for the PS3.  It's a tower defense game, the first kind I ever played, years ago with my friend Zor the Red.  Jane is watching me and giving me tips, it's a nice little game.  

I saw Alien: Covenant, which definitely went places I was not expecting it to go.  I actually watched Prometheus beforehand, just to catch myself up, but I would agree that it wasn't necessary to do that.  Thinking about seeing 'Baby Driver' because it's gotten so much hype from people I like, and I do love Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Still really enjoying my 'Writing Excuses' Podcast, but haven't started writing anything. 

So yeah,  this and that.  We had a nasty heat wave, where it was over a hundred for 7 or 8 days.  Fortunately, haven't seen anything like that since.  

Looks like I've run out of steam.  Time for some coffee,


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