Friday, July 14, 2017

Trying To Get Back Into The Diablo Trilogy

Well, mostly Diablo III with a smattering and crashing of the original Diablo, but you get the general idea.

So Deep-V came over earlier in the week, originally to go bicycle shopping as we are all in need of new peddle-wear (which is dirtier than I had intended it to sound), but since we all seemed to have worked late-ish that day, bike shopping turned into PS3 local co-op playing, which focused primarily on Diablo III, which I had never played on any of the available systems.  I was also very interested to play DIII on a console as I had heard that the game actually played a lot better and seemed to be geared more towards console play than PC.  Or maybe I misheard/read that somewhere.  Either way, Deep-V and I played up through Act-I and while we were not focusing on the story line, I did enjoy how the game played with the PS3 controller.

While we were playing, I began the download process for the Diablo III Starter Edition to see how it played on my computer, but this lead me down another long rabbit hole, albeit, an out of the way rabbit hole.

In Act-I of Diablo III, you find yourself in New Tristram followed by (regular old) Tristram, which immediately brought me back to playing the original Diablo, which takes place in Tristram, as in the original village where the series started.  I began to wonder how close the layout of the Tristram in DIII resembled the layout and design from the original game.  This reminiscence brought me to looking into finding a playable version of Diablo, which I used to have on my netbook before it died (I spilled a glass of beer over the keyboard).  The two avenues I tried for resurrecting Diablo were downloading an ISO file which I was able to properly mount and able to install the game, but I had major stability issues.  Even after fiddling with the compatibility tab, the game would play fine one time, then crash during the character selection screen.  A few times I was forced to sign out as Ctrl-Alt-Dlt was not working to back out of the game post-crash.  I also tried the Diablo file I had on the extracted hard drive for the aforementioned beerified netbook, and I ran into the exact same issues.

What I find annoying, is that after a fair amount of searching for stability fixes, everyone seems to have their own version that worked, or like myself, nothing seems to work.  Everything from "I just put it in Windows 7 compatibility and everything worked fine" to creating .bat files, and I may well take that route, but for the time being, I am frequently unable to run Diablo for any one of a number of reasons.

Which brought me to my next line of thoughts, being why Blizzard does not release a version of Diablo for modern PCs?  They have done it with Diablo II, which is available through their own Blizzard Client.  And the copy I have of Diablo II seems to work just fine, even without using any of the compatibility settings (pounding on wood), so I have that to fall back on at least for the time being.  I guess I just really want to go through the first Diablo again before I delve too deeply in Diablo III.

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